About Us

Imagine a world full of love, true friendships and relationships, using technology positively to bring people closer to each other. This is the premise of BunchOfDates. BunchOfDates aims to connect people who want to develop authentic relationships. It is NOT for those seeking casual relationships or for promoting nudity and other sexual explicit behaviour. It is for people looking for a long-term relationship or friendship, so no time and money wasters. BunchOfDates is based on a peer-to-peer real time video communication.

    BunchOfDates operates strictly NO:
  • ADULT, NUDITY or PORN themed behaviours and actions before, during and after date sessions.
  • Abusive language, threats and aggressive behaviours before, during and after date sessions towards other members.
  • REFUND policy in the event of charging a fee.

How Does it Work


Search profiles of members you want to date or connect


Book a date using available time in their BunchOfDates calendar


Attend your date via activated video chat when date time is due.


Make decision on your date. You can’t change you datecision after a date.